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Uriel Martinez Jr.

Travel Advisor





6063 Deer Ave.

El Paso Tx. 79924


A Bit About Me

Welcome to UriEva's Immersive Travel! I'm Uriel, the proud owner of this exciting venture and a passionate explorer at heart. As an affiliate of Nicks Easy Travel LLC, I bring a unique blend of healthcare expertise and an insatiable wanderlust to the world of travel.


In my professional life, I've spent over 11 years in the healthcare industry, specializing as a pharmacy technician. However, my true calling lies in creating unforgettable travel experiences. As a father of six amazing kids - two boys and four girls - family has always been at the core of everything I do. I've always believed that the best memories are made when we explore new horizons together.


My journey in the travel industry isn't just a career shift; it's a dream realized. With UriEva's Immersive Travel, I've found a way to merge my love for travel with my passion for curating extraordinary experiences. Sending clients to the farthest corners of the globe isn't just a job; it's a joy. Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than knowing that I've played a role in crafting someone's dream vacation.


When I'm not crafting itineraries or researching the latest travel trends, I spend quality time with my family, seek new culinary adventures, and dive into captivating novels. With UriEva's Immersive Travel, every journey becomes an opportunity to weave unforgettable stories and create cherished memories.

I invite you to embark on a journey with us, where every destination is a new chapter waiting to be explored, and every experience is a brushstroke on the canvas of your life's adventure. Let's make your travel dreams a reality together!

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